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The co-founders of YogaNV, Stacy Bratlien & Jessica De Lasaux, met during the 2016 Connolly Ranch Earth Day Festival for, you guessed it, yoga!  They quickly realized they shared the same vision of providing equal access to the benefits of yoga for all.  With that guiding inspiration, the two women launched a free Yoga in the Park offering on Memorial Day 2016.  


YogaNV has provided hundreds of free classes, equaling over a 1,000 hours donated to our community, since 2016.  Their mission has reached people in our local community spanning all ages, genders, ethnicities and physical forms.  

YogaNV's partners, the City of Napa Parks and Rec., enables the non-profit to offer classes in Fuller Park to the Napa Valley community at no charge.

As our yoga non-profit continues to grow, Yoga Napa Valley looks forward to introducing the gift of yoga to all the beings who choose to walk the yogi path.  

"Behold my divine mystery!" -The Bhagavad Gita


YogaNV, Inc. has been functioning on love and the desire to share our practice with others.  YogaNV has steadily been growing and we are in search of sponsors to keep our mission alive.  Your support allows our non-profit to continue serving our community and fulfilling our mission to offer free access to yoga for all. AUM, namaste.